Tue, Oct. 6, 2015
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Dress Code

    Student attire must be neat and clean at all times. No torn clothing, inappropriate or revealing clothing, or clothing bearing logos or representations of drugs or alcohol are allowed. If the Administration thinks that certain clothes are inappropriate, or a distraction to the student and/or community, they will send a student home to change his or her clothes. Occasionally, students will be asked to wear more formal attire. In such instances, a general set of guidelines will be announced. Repeated infractions of the dress code may result in disciplinary action(s).

Lower School

Things your child will need for kindergarten

  • ·         Comfortable casual clothing – no jewelry
  • ·         Sun Cream and hat or rain jacket, depending on season
  • ·         Shoes without laces are preferred i.e. Velcro closures
  • ·         Snack and lunch each day please include an item of fresh fruit
  • ·         Large bottle of water every Monday
  • ·         1 box of tissues
  • ·         Change of clothing

Extra things your child will need for Pre-Kindergarten

  • ·         1 box of wet wipes
  • ·         Diapers
  • ·         Pillow, sheet / Blanket and comforter /cuddly toy