Tue, Oct. 6, 2015
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Library Catalog | Library Website |  ProQuest Product 


Welcome to the American School of Tangier library. Open to all AST faculty and students, the library is a dedicated center for learning, research, and community. Through class sessions, special programs, and staff expertise, the library strives to:

     • Support the development of research skills

     • Enhance learning through both traditional and multimedia resources

     • Foster innovation at all grade levels

     • Engage students in a vibrant community of learning

American School of Tangier Library Catalog Do you want to know if our library has a certain book that you wish to read? Just click on our library catalog link, and type in the author or the title.  Our library software, Destiny Quest, will tell you whether we have the book in our library collection or not, and if it is available for check-out.

Library Catalog | Library Website |  ProQuest Product 

The library is dedicated to furthering AST’s mission to encourage academic excellence, personal integrity, and an informed world view within the student body.

Visit the library website for more information.



1. Kids InfoBits 

2. Student Edition – Kg - G12  

3. Britannica School – Kg – G. 12

ProQuest Central K12

ProQuest Central K12 includes millions of articles from more than 8,000 journals, magazines, and newspapers and it strongly support the research needs of today’s K-12 student.   

This link will provide you with an overview video: http://www.screencast.com/t/0tt44X5Tz8

This link will provide you with additional information about ProQuest Central K12:                   http://www.proquestk12.com/productinfo/pq_central_k12.shtm

Once you’re in this link please take a peek at the options in the left margin. You’ll see links to user guides, search help, and the link for the video which  I shared above for you.

The Elibrary Family of Online Resources

ELibrary was designed with the K-12 learning environment in mind.  There are several options with ELibrary, including ELibrary Elementary (focus on the younger grades), ELibrary Academic (focus on the middle school, high school, and community college levels), and ELibrary Science, which supports the STEM programs.    All ‘flavors’ of ELibrary offer 100% full text coverage of journals, newspapers, books, news transcripts, and more.

ELibrary Academic


2,500 magazines, newspapers, transcripts, and more 7 million maps, photographs, charts, diagrams, etc.

The link below will provide you with as short two minute overview video.


ELibrary Elementary


This is a fabulous easy to use resource designed to engage your young learners!

The link below will provide you with a short two minute overview video.


ELibrary Science


The link above will provide you with a description of ELibrary Science.

The link below will provide you with a short two minute overview video.


The SIRS family of online resources

The SIRS databases focus on social issues. In fact, SIRS stands for Social Issues Research Service and it began as a microfiche collection decades ago.  Within this family the two most popular resources in the K-12 environment are SIRS Researcher (also known as SIRS Issues Researcher) and SIRS Discoverer.

SIRS Researcher

This database provides students with all sides of the story and covers hot issues like gun control, immigration, virtual schools, national security, world conflicts, and more!


SIRS Discoverer

SIRS Discover covers the social issues like SIRS Researcher but with a focus on the elementary and middle school student’s needs.


Culture Grams Online

Culture Grams is one of our most popular online resources.  With Culture Grams users can quickly learn about the cultures of people from around the world. The information is gathered from people living in the countries represented, so you have a first-hand view of the politics, religion, foods and diet, leaders and important people, and much more!   You can even hear key phrases pronounced and hear national anthems played, as well as learning about things like gestures  (a hand shake isn’t always welcome!)


The link below will provide you with a two minute video overview:



This link      http://www.proquestk12.com/productinfo.shtml   is the link to all of our K12 resources. You might find other resources you’d like to consider and I would be happy to add any of them to your trial for you.  When you’re in the link if you scroll down a bit you’ll also see resources designed for teachers.