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Welcome to the AST website, and a glimpse into the AST Community,

AST’s Mission is to enable students to be strong community and world leaders through relevant programs, guidance and a myriad of opportunities for learning. This complex and dynamic task encourages faculty to think beyond traditional studies, and to look into the current and future local and global societal trends and needs.

A 21st Century learner needs to be able to problem-solve, collaborate, and communicate clearly. Students need to be empowered to create new knowledge, to be able to accesss, analyze and present information in ways that are authentic and meaningful, and to receive feedback on their work – be it from a teacher, be it from the results of their efforts.

Grounded in the AERO and Common Core Standards, and reflecting the dynamic cultural traditions of Morocco, AST offers a unique educational opportunity for its students.

Due to the dynamic nature of the world today, AST is continuing to develop. However, despite changes in how we organize and move forward, the Mission has not, and will not, change. The AST Leadership, and Community, will remain true to the goal of equipping our students with the tools and knowledge to become successful, global citizens in a creative community environment. We will know we are successful when AST students and faculty inspire lives of character, leadership, and service for the city, the country, and the world.

I encourage you to come visit the campus and see what is happening at the school. You can then decide whether you want your children to join the AST student body, or if you as a professional individual would like to contribute to our community of learners. At AST, students, teachers, administrators, board and community members are all learning together how to create the best learning environment for students. We welcome your ideas and hope you will join us in this quest.


Sarah R. Putnam
Head of School

There is a particular quality to life in Tangier, this ancient city on the westerly end of the Moslem world which for more than half of the 20th Century lived through the curious experience of internationalism.

The air is pure; the beaches vast and serene, the surrounding landscape notably beautiful and different backgrounds and beliefs are taken for granted. Yet it is the historic spirit of place, the mixture of tolerance and curiosity, openness and tradition that gives Tangier its extraordinary sense of being.

The American School of Tangier has taken root in this landscape and has in turn come to give off its own distinct image. A student attends classes in a school whose Headmaster and faculty have staked out an approach that combines conscience and adventure, and that aims to reconcile discipline and freedom. A student finds himself in an atmosphere where contact with people and with diversity of thought creates a feeling of liberation rather than tension, and where he discovers that the alien and the unknown increase his perception of himself and his surrounding world.

Throughout this academic experience he is respected and challenged beyond the classroom, as a product of his family and his culture, and as an independent human being in persistent search of his own individuality.

The Mission of the American School of Tangier is to equip our students with the tools and knowledge to become successful, global citizens in a creative, community environment.

AST will fulfill this mission by providing:

• An American style education with a thorough grounding in the liberal arts, sciences, and technology
• Highly competitive preparation for university acceptance around the world, especially American universities
• A commitment to lifelong personal development
• Professional faculty dedicated to providing the best practices in instruction, research, and understanding
• Community leadership that inspires responsibility, open-mindedness, empathy, and resilience

AST will be successful when its students and faculty inspire lives of character, leadership, and service for the city, the country, and the world.

A Brief History of the American School of Tangier

From its founding in 1950, The American School of Tangier has stood for cultural diversity, open-mindedness and harmony between nationalities and backgrounds, and for an enlightened education. From a small house in the Marshan, the school moved to larger buildings downtown, before being built on its present location. Over the years, more buildings and sports facilities have been added, while the natural beauty of its large campus has been further enhanced to make it one of a kind in Tangier and Morocco.

Our history is also unique. Joseph McPhillips III, Headmaster at AST for thirty-five years, brought with him his vision of a prestigious institution to serve Tangier and Morocco, and to expose its students to the best in American education. The combined efforts of teachers, parents, staff, administrators, board members, students, and friends of the school have made his dream come true. World famous American artists and other international celebrities have shared our school’s history: Paul Bowles, Tennessee Williams, William Burroughs, and Bruce Webber, French designer Yves Saint-Laurent, Chilean painter Claudio Bravo, and American painter Marguerite McBey have all worked on projects with our students.

Many of our current parents attended AST for their schooling, and these families take great pride in their continuing association with the school. The American School of Tangier looks forward to continuing its long legacy of providing high-quality education for a continually vibrant and amazing community.
The American School of Tangier uses an American-style curriculum that is recognized by the Moroccan government.
The AST Upper School provides a college preparatory course of study that readies students for the academic challenges of their universities. Our Service Learning program for juniors and seniors requires a commitment to service both within the AST community and outside in the city of Tangier, ensuring that our students will be ready to be responsible, outward-looking citizens of the 21st century.
In the AST Middle School years, Grades 7-8 students are offered a curriculum that supports their interests and developmental level. Here, we offer structured opportunities to develop personal opinions, collaborate in meaningful ways, and develop interactions with peers through academic and social environments.
The AST Lower School (PreK-Grade 6)is a place where the primary concern is for helping the student develop a sense of who they are and how they should function in a school community. The curriculum stresses fundamental academic skills, effective communication, inter-personal skills, and community involvement.





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