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Welcome to AST Sport

The American School of Tangier Athletic Program is considered an integral part of the educational program. Its purpose is to provide unique educational experiences that will contribute to the development of better citizens. Emphasis is upon the teaching and educating "through" athletics in addition to teaching the "skills of" athletics.
Educators, coaches, parents, and administrators agree that sports programs can be positive experiences for fitness and skill development but also for the development of many other values and virtues like sportsmanship, fair play, and character.
Aristotle mentions the word “character” as “virtues”, or important elements of behaviour that require practice. “One becomes virtuous by performing virtuous acts,” he said. Some of the more widely held virtues are self-discipline, honesty, perseverance, responsibility, compassion, teamwork and work ethic.
We are proud to say that at AST, we do our best to practice and teach these concepts. The AST athletic program provides a wide range of opportunities for all students who desire to participate in Interscholastic athletics. Our coaching staff (mainly AST teachers) will be working closely with our students throughout the year, “following” the aims and objectives that we believe are important in our school sport program.
Please understand that athletic participation is a privilege provided to athletes who accept the rules and regulations stipulated in the AST Athletics Manual. This manual is a guide to AST Athletic Program. Just about everything you may wish to know about our program is in this manual.
Feel free to ask our Athletic Department staff for more information about our Sport Program. Information regarding AST teams will be posted regularly (announcements, game schedule and results, coaches’ reports, team’s pictures and photos gallery).
Once again, welcome to AST Sports!

Best regards,
Dr. Nour Amri
Athletic Director & P.E. Supervisor

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