Fri, Oct. 9, 2015
UNE to build campus in AST PDF Print E-mail

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UNE has signed an agreement with the American School of Tangier to lease land in order to build a campus for its students. The new campus will be located within walking distance to downtown Tangier and the Mediterranean sea. At no additional cost, UNE students may choose to spend a semester or year in UNE's Tangier campus and learn about the various cultures and languages while taking their college courses in English.

The University of New England campus in Tangier reflects the ideals of our institution. It will allow our students to sign up for their regular curriculum while discovering and experiencing the culture of Morocco and the city of Tangier. UNE Tangier will be a monument, however modest, to our strong belief that education and culture can and should play a major role in improving international relations and creating a better world for all.