Sat, Dec. 20, 2014
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Financial Aid at AST:  AST announces a new “discount” policy:

AST is announcing a new policy regarding what have previously referred to as “tuition discounts,” which we will now describe as tuition abatements.  Beginning now, parents who are requesting such discounts (these are not the multiple child discounts, which are automatic) will have to apply for them each year, and they will be awarded on the basis of demonstrated financial need.  Parents who have not previously asked for discounts may apply for financial aid by using the form mentioned below

AST is now required by the government to document any discounts that we give, so our new system will provide us a way of substantiating these discounts.  The school also believes that abatements should be granted only on the basis of actual need, not prior commitments or connections.

Parents will fill out an application form that can be picked up in the AST Office any time.  These applications must be filed by Friday, June 22.  The AST Administration team will then meet to decide upon the number and amounts of the awards.  Please read the application carefully in order to provide the necessary documentation for the abatements.

Please consider that applying for an abatement, even if one has previously been given a special discount, does not automatically guarantee that the abatement will be awarded.  The school has limited resources to devote to financial aid. 

Richard E. Lussen
Head of School
The American School of Tangier

The Diversity Scholarship (International)

This scholarship will be awarded to a student from a country other than Morocco who is not only a strong student, but brings traits that are beneficial to the entire school community. This scholarship may be awarded for 1, 2, or 3 years, depending on individual circumstances. The award can begin as early as Grade 8 and may not necessarily be awarded every year.

The Academic Achievement Entrance (AAE) Scholarship (Moroccan)

This scholarship will be awarded to an individual who exhibits particularly strong academics. The scholarship is designed to provide financial support for very high achieving students to enroll at AST who might not be able to afford the local tuition.

If you have further questions regarding any of these opportunities, please contact the school directly.