Sat, Oct. 10, 2015
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There is a particular quality to life in Tangier, this ancient city on the westerly end of the Moslem world which for more than half of the 20th Century lived through the curious experience of internationalism.

The air is pure; the beaches vast and serene, the surrounding landscape notably beautiful and different backgrounds and beliefs are taken for granted. Yet it is the historic spirit of place, the mixture of tolerance and curiosity, openness and tradition that gives Tangier its extraordinary sense of being.

The American School of Tangier has taken root in this landscape and has in turn come to give off its own distinct image. A student attends classes in a school whose Headmaster and faculty have staked out an approach that combines conscience and adventure, and that aims to reconcile discipline and freedom. A student finds himself in an atmosphere where contact with people and with diversity of thought creates a feeling of liberation rather than tension, and where he discovers that the alien and the unknown increase his perception of himself and his surrounding world.

Throughout this academic experience he is respected and challenged beyond the classroom, as a product of his family and his culture, and as an independent human being in persistent search of his own individuality.